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Power Pressure XL

This was a Christmas gift this year AND I LOVE IT!!!  My daily dilemma is “what’s for dinner?”  That question hangs over me all day long.  And, when I pick up our daughter from school what is the first question she asks me…”what’s for dinner?” It makes my blood boil.  Planning ahead just does not happen and this new appliance has taken care of that.  It is a miracle worker.  I actually made ribs in under 50 minutes ON A WORK NIGHT! And, they were delicious!

Power Pressure Cooker XL

I love, love, love my Power Pressure Cooker XL!!! Actually, until recently I was afraid of pressure cookers because of the horror stories I had heard about them exploding and being dangerous.  But the question “Mom, what’s for dinner?” is my daily dilemma and can make my blood boil!  By divine intervention I was in a meeting with a single father who cooks every night for his child and he told me about all of the wonderful recipes he makes in his electric pressure cooker AND in 1/3 of the time.  Now, he had me at 1/3 of the time; although, his recipes sounded delicious too.  So for Christmas, I asked for a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond so I could purchase my Power Pressure Cooker XL.  I knew I could use my 20% coupon and save about $20…I’m a bargain hunter.  I unpacked the cooker and read the instructions and fear crept in.  I won’t lie, it sounded a bit daunting.  Thanks to UTube, I was able to watch several how-to videos and was up and running in no time.  What’s the first thing that I made??  RIBS!  Never in my life have I made ribs before but the UTube video I watched made them in, wait for it…..30 minutes and it was so. very. easy.Power Pressure Cooker XL

Now look at how delicious those ribs look!  I’ll tell you how I did it.  These are St. Louis style ribs. I cut the rack of ribs in 1/2.  I put 4 cups of apple juice and added about 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into the pressure cooker.  I stood the ribs up with the thickest part of the meat down.  I set the pressure cooker to 30 minutes AND the oven to 400 degrees (because you have to brown the ribs so they get that yummy sicky, sweet BBQ texture).  When the pressure cooker beeped, I released the steam…very carefuly.  Because this was my first time to use the cooker I didn’t know what to expect, but is wasn’t that scary.  I took the ribs out of the cooker and put them on my pan with a rack and slathered them with our favorite BBQ sauce on both sides of the meat and put them in the oven for about 7 minutes on each side.  They were perfectly tender, sweet, tangy and fell off the bone.  I have made them three times in the last month.  My family might get sick of having ribs!  Who knew it could be so easy?Ribs with the Power Pressure Cooker XL

Shhhh, don’t tell my sister, but I bought her one for her birthday!  She is going to absolutely love it!