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Snow Covered Big Cedar Lodge

Our spring break trip to Big Cedar Lodge was unexpectly snow covered and BEAUTIFUL!!  The chapel looked like it belonged in a winder wonderland.  The earth was silent as the snow muffled all sound.

Registration!!  We can’t wait for our week at Big Cedar Lodge to begin!

We have always come to Big Cedar Lodge in the summer time so we have never had the pleasure of experiencing it in the snow!

We were able to watch the snow covered bridge as we sat waiting to get into Devil’s Pool Restaurant for dinner.

Wow, what beauty to behold! Breathing in the crisp, cold air and taking in the beauty of the snow against the blue sky and the silence of everything except nature.  This is my happy place.

It’s her happy place too, see that big smile…

and his too!

I am not an affiliate for Big Cedar Lodge, I just love it!