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Free Hand Drawn Printable in Gold

I love the look of gold leaf artwork and it is so popular these days. So, this week I will share with you a hand drawn laurel wreath I drew and digitized in gold leave. To download the gold wreath click here. Please use it for your creative ideas and tag me on Instagram or use the hashtag #thelifethatbuiltmeblog.  For many, many more great hand drawn printable graphics go to the Creative Market website to browse around but make sure you have an hour or so because it will be hard to pull yourself away!  Enjoy!

I hope you love it!

I am a happy affiliate of Creative Market!

Ice, Ice Baby

So far this winter we have had TWO, count them TWO ice storms.  The ice is beautiful and leaves God’s creation looking like an ice castle.  When you step outside it is very, very quiet with the occasional popping of breaking tree branches.December 20115 1026

The ice also leaves us without electricity and living like our Pioneer ancestors, well except for the generator. We hunker down with each other and work puzzles, play cards and reconnect.  Maybe God sends the ice to get us to slow down and enjoy each other without the intrusion of our electronic devices.  December 20115 1027

It looks like the movie Frozen!December 20115 1041

Early Spring Gardening

early spring gardening picmonkey # 2

My dad LOVES to garden and we love to raid his garden, especially my Grandma Neva. Dad also likes to build things so recently he built raised beds with lids that can close in case of a late freeze…pretty genius.  He created an elaborate irrigation system that allows him to to water certain beds without having to water all of them at once….also pretty genius. Right now he has lettuce, spinach, onion, and potatoes.  Oops…it froze and dad didn’t have the potatoe bed lid closed…not so genius. Oh well, another trip to Plants A Plenty for more potatoes.

March 2015 062

March 2015 065March 2015 064Lucy loves to help in the garden too!March 2015 069


Chocolate Cake for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Cake for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Cake for Chocolate Lovers

This chocolate cake is my favorite chocolate cake and my “go to” desert when we are having company. It is deeelish and everyone loves this cake. How could you not love it? It has an entire tub of frosting in the batter. Are you asking yourself “did I read that right?” Yes, my chocolate loving peeps, frosting IN the batter. It doesn’t get any better than this!

1 box of chocolate cake (I use Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge)
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of oil
4 eggs
2 tubs of chocolate frosting (I like dark chocolate frosting in the batter when I can find it)

1. Mix the cake mix, water, oil and eggs together until combined
2. Add one of the chocolate tubs of frosting and mix until combined
3. Pour into a buttered 9 x 13 dish
4. Bake at 350 for 45 to 55 minutes or just until the middle does not jiggle (put a pan on the lower rack to catch any run overs that may occur-no one likes to have to clean the oven)
5. When the cake has cooled, frost with second tub of frosting
6. Enjoy!

Snow Day!


In Oklahoma we do not have many snow days but in Oklahoma, this is our fourth.   On snow days I usually have a roaring fire in the fireplace and cook scrumptious food that is terrible for me and my family.  But on this snow day I decided to create a blog in front of the fire entitled The Life That Built Me…things that shape my life into a beautiful life full of purpose and meaning. So, stick with me as we cook, create and ponder life together.